Director: Oier Aranzabal

Production: Maluta Films

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 103 minutes

Language: Euskara, Spanish, Japanese and English

Country: Spain

Premiere: March 22, 2019

MARGOLARIA (The Painter)

This is the tale of a voyage which began one morning with a Skype conversation between the musician Mikel Urdangarin and the artist Alain Urrutia. The painter will give Mikel one of his paintings as a gift, but on one condition: the musician will have to go and fetch it in London, by ferry, crossing the sea. Taking the journey as an excuse, we will penetrate the everyday life of an artist committed to living from his work until coming to the key hidden in the centre of every artist’s labyrinth, since all searches are in fact a voyage; the creation process in itself is a voyage.



SSIFF – Zinemira Section

Zinegin Festibala (Hazparne / Donapaleu / Urruña)


Zinemaldia.CAT (Barcelona)